Monday, August 10, 2009

Is Breast Size Really Important to Women's Self-Esteem?

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Lass Natural Breast Enlargement Cream is a natural breast enhancement therapy that firm sagging breasts naturally without having to take pills.

Should breast size have anything to do with a woman's self-esteem? Well! women are sensual and feminine no matter what their breast size, yet the size of the breast is a very emotional issue for most women and affects greatly on a their self-esteem. It is reported that improper shape and size of breast have a negative effect on a woman’s perception of her femininity. Women report better sexuality and improved self-esteem after cosmetic breast augmentation surgery, a University of Florida study shows. Cynthia Figueroa-Haas, PhD, clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Nursing, advertised for volunteers in the offices of cosmetic plastic surgeons. Eighty-four women completed questionnaires on self-esteem and sexuality before and after cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. After getting breast implants, women experienced every measure of sexuality more strongly, Figueroa-Haas found. After breast augmentation, women reported significant increases in arousal, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and lubrication.

But, not everyone can opt for breast augmentation surgery for various reasons. Apart from the cost factor, having surgery to enlarge size of the breast is a risky affair. Why would you risk the horrible things that can happen while you are on that table? Like any other surgery, there is always a risk during and after the surgery. Women have died having these types of surgery. There are other cases where the surgery goes wrong.

Why need to opt for such painful surgeries operations when there is a natural way to enhance and firm the breasts just by massaging your breast with the Ayurvedic topical cream only twice a day for few weeks? If you want larger breasts without having to put any foreign substances in your body like silicone or saline, Lass Breast Enlargement Cream is the most successful, natural breast enhancement product on the market today. It is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing at all to lose - and fuller, natural looking breasts to gain.

About Lass Breast Enlargement Cream

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Lass Breast Enlargement Cream's formula is based on the science of Ayurveda and contains rare Indian herbs as ingredients. One of the key ingredient Ashwagandha helps naturally enhance breast firmness because of its estrogenic properties (phyto-estrogens). The phyto-estrogens regulates hormones that promotes healthy tissue growth. Scientific research has established that stimulating the estrogen receptors in the breasts with complex phytoestrogens can increase the size of female breasts by as much as 150%. Lass Breast cream also has a rare Indian herb called Shatavari which is conceivably the best known breast rejuvenator and used for breast enhancement and firming by Indian Ayurvedacharyas since last 5000 years.

Lass Breast Enlargement Cream is considered as perfect substitute for those all breast enlarging surgeries that often give you pains and discomforts.


Lass Natural Breast Enlargement Cream is a natural topical cream without any chemical or hormone. The proper use gives you larger, firmer breasts by stimulating new cell growth in the mammary glands. Lass Natural Breast Enlargement Cream gives measurable results within weeks. It helps regulate female hormones NATURALLY and has no adverse side-effects.

Lass Breast Enlargement Cream's Formula ensures that enlarged breasts will look & feel natural. It works for all ethnic groups and is an affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery.


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